Take the LEAP with our LEAN Accelerator Program!

KICK-START or BOOST your Digital Transformation or LEAN Program by joining the MEE Cluster!

As a benefit of membership, Cluster members* receive on-the-ground one-on-one support from our team of experts under the LEan Accelarator Program to KICK-START or BOOST their Digital Transformation or LEAN program.

Depending on your needs and where your company is along the journey, MEE experts will assess your operations by traveling to your facility to work along side your team to understand your operations and develop a roadmap for process and technology adoption.  Your team will then receive ongoing support in solution implementation and your company will receive recognition of your commitment to remain competitive and continually improve.

A KICK-START or BOOST engagement includes a half-day on the ground assessment, a recommendations report, quarterly check-ins, and recognition of completion of recommendations.  For new members, the engagements typically focus on simple, easy to implement processes and solutions that will help kick off a company’s Lean program or digital transformation or build on existing programs.  For renewing members, the engagement focuses on taking the next step in the digital transformation or Lean program implementation.

The MEE Cluster is happy to provide a customized expanded proposal for those companies looking to receive additional support.

Click here to explore becoming a Cluster member and to take advantage of the service.

*The KICK-START or BOOST engagement is currently only offered to Alberta based members through generous funding provided by Alberta Innovates.  If your business is based outside Alberta, please contact us for customized support.

The LEAN Accelerator Program (LEAP) is a service offered by the MEE Cluster.  The LEAP’s purpose is to dramatically improve the efficiency and competitiveness of Western Canadian manufacturers by working with individual manufacturers one-on-one.

As a participant in LEAP, your company will gain invaluable insight into your operations. You’ll receive improvement recommendations and hands-on support implementing processes and technologies that will eliminate bottlenecks, overcome labour shortage challenges, empower your workforce, reduce lead-times – AND delight your customers!

Our team of industry experts accomplish this by:

  • Offering on-the-ground, one-on-one assessments customised to YOUR needs.
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance existing or implement new processes and technologies including automation of business processes.
  • Providing guidance and support on implementing and utilising LEAN and Smart Manufacturing best practices.
  • Providing onsite customised leadership and workforce training focused on LEAN skills.

Struggling with the labour crunch?

Overcoming the labour crunch can be daunting when everyone is competing for a limited number of workers.  The MEE Cluster’s experienced team can help your business alleviate the labour crunch by supporting implementation of industry proven processes and technologies to increase productivity of your existing workforce.

Who can participate in the program?

  • Any for-profit manufacturing business registered in Canada.
  • Alberta based manufacturers qualify for a discount through generous funding provided by Alberta Innovates.

What are the benefits to my business?

  • Reduce lead times.
  • Improve productivity and competitiveness.
  • Increase safety and empower your workforce.
  • Gain insight into government grants and technical resources.

What do I get with my participation?

Each participant receives a Report containing the following:

  • A Current State Score Card and comparison to industry peers
  • Unbiased recommendations on solutions related to PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and TECHNOLOGY
  • Roadmap: Actionable plan to implement processes and technologies
  • Input into value case proposition for process and technology adoption
  • Summary of relevant government grants and technical resources to support process and technology adoption


Alberta manufacturer kicks off their digital transformation and Lean program with support and guidance from MEE Cluster.

The MEE Cluster offers a variety of Lean training programs including 5S training that are all you need to achieve world class orderliness and cleanliness.  Watch the video to learn more!