Cluster Member Exclusive Resources

As a member, you have access to exclusive resources and tools offered by the MEE Cluster that will help your business advance in your industry.

MEE Cluster Gap Analysis

Our GAP analysis reports compare what businesses currently accomplish and what they want to achieve within the industry. Most importantly, this analysis provides you with the knowledge and tools to close that gap within your own business. For example, this report can allow your organization to make the best use of your current resources or give you insight into investments in capital or technology.

The MEE Cluster GAP Analysis is a member-exclusive benefit. Non-members can access our generalized report.

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Cluster-Led Joint Industry Projects

The Cluster-Led Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) develop new solutions, standards and recommended practices to solve challenges within the advanced manufacturing industry. These are projects and resources that are exclusive to members. 

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Equipment Register

Members can access the full details on our Equipment Register, such as the Cluster marketing presentations and contact information for listed content.

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Member Directory

Find a complete list of MEE Cluster members you can connect and collaborate with. One of the main goals of the MEE Cluster is to improve the connections within the advanced manufacturing industry. And as a perk for members, you can raise your company’s profile among cluster members.

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