You can move your business forward with the benefits associated with being an MEE Cluster member. Our members receive many benefits, including member-exclusive services, discounts, ability to participate in exclusive initiatives, and access to all cluster knowledge. All this is included in the annual membership fee. Membership levels and prices are based on company size, which are described in the below chart. 

Cluster Memberships continually evolve to offer more benefits and for the Cluster services to better serve our members. Make sure to follow us for updates and become a member to access all our member-exclusive benefits.

Cluster Annual Paid Membership FREE Associate Membership Non-Member

Kickstart or Boost your business's Digital Transformation or Lean Program Engagement

(Includes one-on-one, on the ground assessment of operations, a customised recommendations report on technology and process implementation, and ongoing support through the year from one of our manufacturing experts) - click here to learn more

Not Included
Not Included
Discounts on cluster events and training Included Not Included Not Included
Access to Cluster collective knowledge and expertise including industry reports Included Limited Not Included
Stay up to date with the cluster monthly e-newsletter and event annoucements Included Included Included
Take advantage of the Servus Credit Union Manufacturing Financing Program Full Access
Limited Access Limited Access
Participation in cluster-led projects Yes No No
Access to Equipment Register (coming soon) Full Access
Limited Access Limited Access
Access to Cluster Member Registry Full Access
Limited Access Limited Access
Post on MEE Cluster Job Board (coming soon) Included
For a Fee For a Fee
Be recognised as a manufacturer that is continually transforming to stay competitive and maintain highest level of customer satisfaction by being featured in Cluster articles and case studies Included Not Included Not Included
Influence Cluster initiatives by nominating Steering Committee Members and providing programming input throughout the year Included Not Included Not Included

Membership Options

With our annual fee, you can register to become a member of the MEE Cluster.  As a member, you have access to cluster exclusive services and reports, discounts on cluster and partner events, and access to the cluster supplier network.  Participation in cluster projects is exclusive to members.  By paying an annual fee, your organization contributes to the growth and development of the MEE Cluster along with its initiatives to elevate and enhance the manufacturing sector in Western Canada.