Why You Should Attend the SmartMTX: Overcoming the Labour Shortage

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Announcements, Blog, News

Written by: Paul Hogendoorn, MEE Cluster Digital Transformation Specialist

It is very well known that labour shortages exist in almost all sectors and almost all regions. Manufacturing and Western Canada are no exception, and this is one of the reasons to attend this year’s SmartMTX (Smart Manufacturing Technology Expo) in Red Deer on May 15 and 16.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered that may help your company develop a workforce your company can grow with:

Technology can help you do more with less, and this is not limited to the plant floor but also the ‘upstream’ engineering and administrative functions as well. Examples of plant floor automation include things like welding technologies that can be programmed and overseen by skilled and experienced personnel but operated by people with less skill and experience; assisted lifting systems that make material handling less people intensive; automated assembly systems, CNC machining and forming systems, and advanced additive manufacturing systems improve productivity and quality. MES, ERP, PLM and other plant operations focused software helps get estimates done faster, production out on time (or even ahead of time!), and production scheduled far more effectively to make sure your people are working on the right things, at the right times, and doing it the right way. The SmartMTX is a great place to investigate plant floor, office and any upstream technologies you are contemplating, and discover some that you may not even have heard of yet.

Recruitment and retainment strategies are critical in today’s competitive employment environment, and they are closely connected. Leading manufacturing companies understand the more successful they are retaining their workers, the less effort they have to make recruiting, and the easier any necessary recruitment is. Learn how connected worker technology, better tools and training, and improved workplace conditions can help your company develop a strong committed, and more capable workforce that you can grow with. Come to the SmartMTX to hear experts on all these topics and meet people that specialize in these areas, as well as meet the future workforce face-to-face to help you better understand what the coming generation is looking for in their working lives.

Upskilling your people is a great way to not only address skills shortages, but to increase your scheduling and production flexibility, as well as support your employee retainment efforts. Providing committed and motivated employees the opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally, has proven to be one of the key components in companies’ long term, sustainability and growth strategies. Come to the SmartMTX to meet leaders and educators from the province’s leading technically focused educational institutions as well as private sector specialists and government partners focused on skills development.        

Alberta is attracting skilled workers and students from all over the world, and leading technology and solution companies are actively looking to grow their presence in Western Canada. The province’s colleges and universities, and all levels of government through a variety of initiatives and programs, will be there (along with the MEE Cluster) to build on this exciting workforce development momentum.

Be sure to be there! Visit SmartMTX.ca. Plan to attend – click here. Plan to exhibit – click here.